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Oakland Concrete Contractors

Top-Rated Concrete Work, Repair, and Masonry

A Letter From Oakland, CA’s Premier Concrete Services Provider...

Dear Oakland property owner,

Hello! We are Oakland Concrete Contractors, provider of first-class concrete services for the best state in the country.

Over the past 16 years, we have helped hundreds of property owners in Oakland and surrounding areas create their ideal patios, pools, decks, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, garages, and more.

There’s nothing compared to a well-built structure like a custom concrete patio with fire pit to improve the overall value of any property.

Whether you need that or a custom-built concrete pool or an eye-catching stamped concrete driveway leading to your front door, we have an experienced team ready to build those for you.

We strongly believe that every Oakland residents deserve a well-built structure made by reliable concrete specialists.

This is the main reason why our team offers a wide range of concrete work like cement waterproofing, concrete raising, stained concrete surfaces, hardscaping, stamped concrete walls and floors, concrete edging, custom concrete decks, patios, pools, and walkways, brick pavers, concrete resurfacing, commercial concrete pouring, masonry work, and concrete repair and restoration.

From a simple countertop for your new restaurant to waterproofing your basement floor to building a new concrete deck for your swimming pool, we’re always here to help.

Do you need professionals to resurface the hole and cracks on your concrete driveway? We’ll be more than happy to fix that for you.

At Oakland Concrete Contractors, our main goal is to be the leading concrete company in the area. We can take on any project size anywhere in Multnomah County and nearby cities.

You can check us out on Google and find out what our clients say about our amazing team.

That should be enough about us, let’s start talking about you.

Either you’ve got a big project coming up or you need help restoring a damaged area on your property to its former glory and you want someone with years of experience to do it for you.

Maybe you need help fixing your concrete walls or you want to introduce a new style to your outdoor living space by having an exposed aggregate finish.

Whatever the case, you need a local concrete contractor you can rely on from start to finish that can get the job done efficiently.

Well, I’ve got great news for you, that’s us!

That’s our team and we guarantee that we will always:

  • Be on your side throughout the whole project
  • Answer all your questions about the plan
  • Complete the job on time
  • And do great work that will exceed your expectations

For each project that we’re given, our concrete builders will do a proper site evaluation to ensure that the whole construction process gets off to a good start.

Because at the end of the day, you just want your plans to be completed or fixed as soon as possible without the need to spend a fortune, right?

If you’ve answered “Yes, that’s what I am looking for.”, and you only want to deal with the most reliable provider of quality concrete services.

Then call us today at (510) 405-4714.

We’re excited to show you why we are the top-rated concrete company in Oakland, California.

Since 2004, we’ve enjoyed helping hundreds of residential and commercial property owners add custom-built concrete pools, patios, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, decks, and stained walls.

Stained Concrete Surfaces, Cement Water Proofing, Concrete Raising and Maintenance

With over 16 years of experience completing all types and sizes of construction projects, our team has gained a lot of insights on what fellow Oaklanders look for when selecting a concrete company that they want to work with. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about the different concrete services that we offer.

What services do you offer?

When it comes to any concrete work, we’re always ready to help.

And to ensure we provide our clients with the best possible results, we asked only the most-skilled concrete professionals throughout Oakland and nearby cities to be part of our team.

Our team can build custom concrete pools, walkways, decks, patios, garages, basements, retaining walls, countertops, driveways, and sidewalks without the need to outsource the jobs to other companies. When it comes to any concrete projects, we got everything that you need.

Custom Concrete Patios – Concrete is the perfect material for creating a cost-effective model of more expensive materials like wood and natural stones, without giving up their natural, authentic look. Unlike traditional patio materials, concrete is much easier to maintain and is affordable to build and maintain. We can even fully customize your outdoor living space by adding a concrete patio with a fire pit, fountain, or waterfall.

Concrete Swimming Pools – We specialize in building long-lasting custom concrete pools that have decorative internal finishes. Our concrete pool construction process is thorough, we start by marking out, digging, forming, and insulating your pool before reinforcing its foundation with steel and filling the pool with spray concrete. Once done, we customize your pool design based on your preference.

Concrete Driveways – We can complete your driveway construction project using a variety of concrete mixes. Whether you need a stronger mix to withstand constant heavy loads, or something practical but with more style, our team can help you find the ideal concrete solution. Your new concrete driveway will be attractive, functional, and low maintenance, and should be a great addition to your property.

Concrete Maintenance and Resealing – We have many years of experience when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of concrete surfaces for both residential and commercial properties. Our concrete experts use special detergents and solvents that can remove any stains or marks as well as the appropriate sealants to rejuvenate the original surface. This will guarantee that your concrete will remain in tip-top shape for several years before needing another treatment.

Block Retaining Walls – Adding a retaining wall to your property can add a nice charm to it. They can be used to create a garden or a level area for entertainment in your outdoor space or become an important part of your new patio. Our team can handle all of your block retaining wall needs, whether it’s a segmental retaining wall or a terraced retaining wall you’re looking for.

Concrete Raising – At Oakland Concrete Contractors, we only use polyurethane foam in raising any sinking concrete caused by poor drainage, tree roots, or poor compaction. It is significantly lighter than the traditional mud jacking concrete and is extremely durable. Also, polyutherane does not cause any serious damage to your surrounding properties upon installation since it does not require large cement trucks for its transportation.

Exposed Aggregate – We create exposed aggregate concrete finishes that are suitable for driveways, pool decks, patios, sidewalks, or even concrete steps. Exposed aggregate is highly versatile and is the best compliment for those with broom finish concrete.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors – Our acid staining and dyeing techniques provide a refined, natural look to new or refurbished concrete floors that resemble those of marble, limestone, granite, and other forms of natural stone. Decorative concrete can last for decades, low maintenance, allergen-free, and one of the most stylish indoor trends nowadays.

Concrete Pouring – Whether you are looking to build a wall or an entire house, our concrete pouring service can provide you exactly the right amount of concrete for your project. We deliver clean and swift concrete pouring solutions to both residential and commercial properties throughout Oakland and nearby areas. Concrete pours require meticulous preparation and precision, and we’re the team to do that for you.

Stamped Concrete Walls – We will improve your walls’ overall look though our superior decorative concrete stamping. You can choose from a wide range of available designs like slate stone, cobblestone, brick, tile, or wood. Stamped concrete walls are weed-free, low maintenance, and cost-effective.

Concrete Repairs – Every once in a while, similar to other construction materials, concrete needs to be repaired by professionals. We have experts ready to provide fast and effective concrete repair to your driveway, basement, patio, pool, or walkway. Once you notice holes or cracks in your concrete surface due to structural damage, seismic activity, or weather, give us a call right away. We offer a comprehensive range of tests to accurately evaluate your concrete structure problems and recommend appropriate repair strategies.

Concrete Footings – Our concrete builders know that a good footing is important to the integrity and strength of a column. We’ve been putting footings together for over 16 years for residential or commercial purposes. Let our team build your concrete footings that can hold the structural integrity of your construction project.

Concrete Edging – The appeal of concrete edging for both residential and commercial property owners is the ability to bring out the most out of your current hardscape design. The created borders are also durable and will not decompose like wood, rust like steel, or displace like brick. Our cost-effective concrete landscape edging system can help increase your property value and also prevent unwanted weeds in your beds without the need for constant maintenance.

Concrete Waterproofing – Leaving damp issues can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your property and even to your family’s overall health. We can provide specialized solutions to waterproof your home and protect it against lasting damage.

Concrete Brick Pavers – These are considered to be a very enticing option due to their more diverse range of vibrant color combinations as opposed to those traditional clay brick pavers. Our team can add these concrete brick pavers to your existing fireplace, fire pit, patio, and deck to enhance the architectural style of your outdoor spaces.

Concrete Removal – Our experienced concrete experts can remove concrete in residential and commercial areas. We strive in being fast and effective by simply using the proper equipment for each job. Whether it’s a small concrete patio that needs to be removed, an entire driveway, or an entire floor, we can handle it.

Masonry Work – Our team does a variety of masonry work from blockwork to repointing to stonework. We build and repair chimneys, fireplaces, brick walls, patios, and sidewalks using a wide range of materials and techniques. All of our masons have been in the business for over a decade now and share our passion for providing excellent craftsmanship.

Masonry Work – Our team does a variety of masonry work from blockwork to repointing to stonework. We build and repair chimneys, fireplaces, brick walls, patios, and sidewalks using a wide range of materials and techniques. All of our masons have been in the business for over a decade now and share our passion for providing excellent craftsmanship.

Concrete Flatwork – We provide high-quality concrete flatwork for garages, driveways, walkways, basements, and slab floors. We can handle everything from a large concrete slab to residential patios and sidewalks. Unlike brick and stone surfaces, concrete surfaces are easier to maintain and are more durable. The flatwork that we do can last up to 30 years without the need for pouring mixes or repairs.

Hardscaping – Our team can work on hardscaping projects of any size, for private residences, large business properties, and everything in between. We do our best to transform your existing outdoor space into the beautiful ad functional environment you’ve envisioned it to be. We can even add custom waterfalls, decks, walls, fountains, and fire pits to your outdoor living space.

What areas do you serve?

We serve the residents of Oakland and those residing throughout Multnomah County.

We have clients in Fairview, Gresham, Bonneville, Orient, Riverwood, Holbrook, Dodson, Corbett, Troutdale, Cedar Hills, Beaverton, Oak Grove, Wood Village, Milwaukie, Maywood Park, Lake Oswego, Burlington, Latourell, Interlachen, Bridal Veil, Springdale, Tigard, and Warrendale.

How much do your services cost?

Every project is different, and the best way for us to give you the most accurate estimate is by talking to us first. We have to consider first your property’s location, the materials and equipment needed for the project, and the required manpower before we can give you the final cost. We will send a couple of our concrete specialists to do an assessment, and then detail a plan so you can get a better idea of the final product. Once we have a good idea about your project, we can provide you with all the available options and their respective costs.

Do you offer any warrantees/guarantees with your service?

Yes. We have a set of guarantees for every project that we do. We prioritize our customer’s satisfaction above all else and nothing says that better by giving you a long-lasting guarantee for all our concrete work. Talk to us today to learn more about our guarantees.

What should I do now?

Get ready to work with our amazing concrete specialists. Talk to us today at (510) 405-4714. Or if it’s already past our office hours, send us a message using our contact form. We will reach out to you first thing in the morning to discuss your plans.